“Beefy” Noodles

Been slacking lately, figured since I have some free time on my hands I need to update the site. Been doing a lot of cooking and visiting a few new restaurants since the last update.

I have another one of my go-to meals here. My “Beefy Noodles.” This is a favorite of me and my girlfriend. Quick and easy, first thing to note is I use ground turkey instead of beef. “Beefy noodles” just kind of stuck so that what we call it now (Kanye shrug). Ground turkey, egg noodles, gravy, bell peppers and onions. Sometimes I add peas depending on my mood. Season the meat really well and your gravy as well and you will build nice flavors once it’s all mixed together.

My shortcut here is to use canned gravy. Add some sage, garlic powder and Italian seasoning to doctor it up a bit. Add the peas, turkey and other veggies to the gravy and let it simmer. Then mix in the noodles.

Enjoy this quick and easy weeknight dinner for the family or a quick lunch to take to work.