Chef Resha’s Orange-Henny BBQ Wings

Orange Henny BBQ Wings

Happy New Year good people! I hope 2021 is a better year then the shit show that 2020 was. Anyways welcome back! The end of 2020 brought some changes for me, moved out of my apartment and moved in with my lady. Looking to build for the future.

Now that I’m relocated it’s time to start being more active with the site again. I’ve been cooking, so I still have a bunch of recipes, events and restaurants in the stash I’d like to share with you guys! Today I bring you Orange-Hennessy BBQ Wings. This recipe is by Chef Resha. Who describes herself as “…a traveling personal chef, baker, social media personality, and culinary unicorn.”

Her cooking looks amazing! She has many more recipes I want to try. Her Orange-Hennessy BBQ Wings were on my radar for a while and as a lover of wings and all sauces, I knew this was something I needed to try.

My super secret chicken seasoning ✊🏾
That Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 Indoor Grill is a must have!

She mentions that how you make your wings doesn’t matter and she’s right. It’s all about the sauce. I used my foodi ninja grill to cook the wings before tossing them in the sauce. Perfectly crunchy wings and the sauce absolutely set them off!

My Love Language

The sauce is sweet, tangy, a little spicy and the Henny gives it the right amount of kick! With the Super Bowl right around the corner, these are perfect for your party!

Hope you guys enjoy!!! Click the link below for Chef Resha’s full recipe.

full recipe….