Poul Nan Sos “Chicken in Sauce” 🇭🇹

Im back! took some time off trying to get my mind right and get back in the mood to cook and play the kitchen. I stumbled across this recipe after searching for a meal to make that I could take to work for the week.

I came across this recipe on foodandwine.com, by Haitian-American chef, writer, restaurateur, and former finalist on season 12 & 17 of Bravo’s television series, Top Chef. Owner of the pop-up restaurant Kann and the former executive chef and culinary director of Departure at The Nines in Portland, Oregon. His book, Everyone’s Table: Global Recipes for Modern Health, is a national bestseller.

The recipe says to use chicken thighs and drums, but I switched it out for just chicken breast; And I only marinated the chicken for a few hours instead of overnight. I also added a teaspoon and half of sugar. With my acid reflux issues, I always play it safe and add a little sugar to any tomato based dish to help cut some of the acidity. Flavorful, fragrant, slightly sweet and sour from the citrus, this dish was a balanced and had hella flavor. All you need is some rice to go along with this dish and you are set! This meal almost didn’t last the work week lol.

If you never had this dish or your not familiar with Haitian cooking, this is definitely a dish to try. I plan to continue to make this dish and learn more recipes from the culture. I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what other recipes I should try!

Chef Gregory Gourdet’s IG page LINK Kann Restaurant