Eating (and drinking) Out.

This page is dedicated to the the dope restaurants, dive bars, and cafe shops I came across. Places that I enjoyed and maybe you will too!

Humpty Junior’s

::Turns up Car 85 by Nas:: Went out apple picking for my nephew-in-law’s birthday. Me, my lady and her whole family. It was a great time, but the drive-in we went to in NJ was even better. We went to a place called “Humpty Junior’s.”

Humpty Junior’s is one of those old school, family run drive-in’s. Just a fun small spot you take the kids and family to really anytime but especially the weekends if you want to have some simple good food or a shake or cone.

They have the typical America. Drive-in food. Hot Dogs available with all types of toppings. Like the LJ Dog, topped with mustard, onions, a pickle, bbq pulled pork ,cheddar and slaw. They have different cheesesteaks, combo baskets ( like their basket of fried clams), wings and their “Humpty Burgers.”

I tried one of their “Humpty Burgers.” I had a single Humpty cheeseburger; Topped with American cheese, onions, pickles and ketchup. it was good, just a simple old fashion cheeseburger. With a side of fries and onions. If you are an onion ring fan, these are for you. Good, crunchy and greasy! Don’t recommend making it apart of your everyday meal plan. But this is a definitely a must have on your cheat day. I love the old school feel having the fries and onion rings served in brown bags too!

Humpty Burger w/ Cheese
You owe me a dollar if you see this picture and that song (you know the one) started playing in your head or you sang it lol

I’m not a big shake or ice cream person; But they have what seemed to be the longest list of milkshakes and ice cream. Something you will definitely want after any meal there.

I’ve been in the Poconos for a long time now, and this might have been my first visit to a drive-in ever. It reminded me of those early Saturday mornings when my pops took me to get a haircut back in Brooklyn. We always go out to eat after, sometimes McDonald’s but most of the time diners or other places that felt like a family establishment or just a place with a long history in that community. I definitely recommend this place. Take a drive with you lady grab a milkshake and kick open the back of the SUV for an impromptu date.

Hope you enjoy!